Enhanced performance therapy

Sports Therapist and Educator with over 25 Years of Experience Across Professional Football, Commonwealth Games, Acute and Chronic Lower Back Pain, and Complex Debilitating Conditions.


Specialising in acute and chronic sports injuries of any kind, low back pain and other complex  conditions

Services Provided

Sports Therapy

Acute and chronic injuries, sprains, strains, orthopaedic post-op rehabilitation, individual treatment plan to get back to fitness in the quickest possible time


Great cross-training to complement any sport, or as a stand-alone practice for re-setting tensional tone. improve focus, Integrate body and mind for enhanced quality of movement and performance with movement, breath and mindfulness

Chronic Painful Conditions

Treating complex, chronic pain such as back pain, frozen shoulder, tendinopathy, joint pain, post-op pain, and fibromyalgia, etc through examination, assessment, treatment, advice and rehabilitation back to full functional fitness and performance

Fiona Slupinski

PgCert Applied Anatomy (MSK)

Collaboration with Physiotherapy colleagues at Pulse Sports Therapy, www.pulsesportstherapy.com in London

I’ve worked closely with lead physiotherapist Neil Mason for over 15 years and he has access to specialist orthopaedic consultants if the need arises for consultation

Client Testimonials

Workshop Feedback

“I have to say that the OGT day on Fascia was absolutely fantastic.  It was a very different topic, well-presented, and extremely interesting.”

“Very informative helped me understand how things work which makes me a better teacher. I will use some of the exercises personally and in classes.”

“It was interesting on the role of fascia in the body and its importance. I think as yoga teachers we already believe in the connectivity of the body as opposed to the more westernised view. However, it was good to have some of the yogic understanding confirmed by recent science.”

“It has increased my knowledge of anatomy and shown me the way in which all parts of the body are linked. I will be able to use some of the practices shown by Fiona in order to help students reach their potential. It will be especially helpful with students with chronic problems.”

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